Solahart Far South Coast​

Narooma Plumbing Services has repesented Solahart products in the Far South Coast area with great success. 

We are proud to have won several Solahart Customer Care awards:

  • 2011  NSW Outstanding Customer Service Award
  • 2011  National Outstanding Customer Service Awards 
  • 2009/2010  NSW/ACT State Dealer of the Year Award
  • 2009/2010  National Dealer of the Year Award Runner Up
  • 2008/9  Rising Star National Dealer Award

"Hot water and power free from the sun". . .
Choose your saving option . . .


PV Power System

PhotoVoltaic (PV) panels generate  electricity  from the sun to power your home.  With rising power bills, this is an option to explore.


Thermosiphon System

Tank and ​panels together on the roof.  There are a number of sizes and designs to choose from.



Installation and Servicing

We have a specialist team and vehicle ready to install in almost any situation.

Streamline Split System

Panels on the roof, tank at a convenient point.